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Authorization request

With activation of rights for the authorized company administrator, the registered Pirs user acquires the right of editing texts from e-catalogue and e-messages and notifying the company data changes.

The authorized administrator (1) can became a registered Pirs user with authorization rights to edit the company data and contents, included in Pirs, on the Internet.

First select the company that you wish to edit, click on the company name (2) and the window »Company Identity Card« will open. In the window »Pirs accessories« on the right side, click »Authorization request« (3). The confirmation letter will be sent automatically to your main company email address. If you do not read the email mailbox entered in Pirs as your main company’s email address, you have to ask the person who reads these messages to provide it for you.

After the authorization has been successfully confirmed the applicant receives to his email address (user name) the confirmation that the authorization has been successfully performed.


  • You cannot be granted authorized administration over your company if your company data in Pirs do not include an email address.
  • The parent company and all business units can have only one authorized administrator at the same time.

    If the confirmation letter for authorized administration has not reached you, please write to info@pirs.si.