V skladu z ZEKom-1 vas moramo opozoriti, da to spletno mesto uporablja piškotke, s katerimi vam omogočamo boljšo uporabniško izkušnjo. Več informacij najdete v naših Pravilih o rabi piškotkov.
Dovolili ste, da se na vašo napravo naložijo piškotki. To nastavitev lahko kadarkoli spremenite s klikom na gumb "Raba piškotkov".
Zavrnili ste uporabo piškotkov. To nastavitev lahko kadarkoli spremenite s klikom na gumb "Raba piškotkov".
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What does Pirs display?

The search result represents the list of companies which match the entered search criteria most. When displaying, the priority is given to the companies with more abundant advertising contents (default classification). The sequence order of companies displayed can be set by:
  • company name or
  • postal number

The page with the search result enables the change of content display according to the following tabs:

  • company display (default)
  • display of products in e-catalogues
  • display of inquiries published by the companies.

Next to its data, each company contains some other graphic signs:

  • - Parent company (by clicking the arrow, the list of all business units is displayed);
  • - Business unit (by clicking the arrow, the parent company data are displayed);
  •  - The data verified by the representative of Slovenska knjiga;
  •  - is the company an advertiser or non-advertiser,
  •       - is the company a parent company or a business unit,
  •       - is a company involved whose data were personally verified by Pirs.

For better transparency the search result displays only the main data of each company. More data classified in content groups, are visible by directly clicking a certain tag next to the selected company:

  • Companies
  • E-catalogue
  • Inquiries

Abundant advertising of a certain company is represented by the icons which denote the type of presentation used by that company in Pirs:

  •  - video presentation,
  •  - multimedia,
  •  - e-catalogue,
  •  - E-notice.

Advertising abundance as regards a certain company is represented also by random graphic forms of advertising used by a certain company: video, multimedia or product from e-catalogue.

The page with search result also contains a minimized map with graphic presentation of a particular company’s geographical location (8).

Below the map there is also a possibility of presenting an analytical display of the companies that meet the selected search criteria. The selected companies can be additionally analyzed or filtrated according to activities, products, services or regions, as well as different types of data used for presentation by the companies meeting the search criteria (based on the data type) (9).

For using certain data on selected companies, the following marketing tools are available (10):

  • export of the company’s main data to the file,
  • sending inquiries and publishing them in Pirs,
  • sending e-messages to several companies at the same time,
  • saving companies to My selection
  • data export to navigation devices.