V skladu z ZEKom-1 vas moramo opozoriti, da to spletno mesto uporablja piškotke, s katerimi vam omogočamo boljšo uporabniško izkušnjo. Več informacij najdete v naših Pravilih o rabi piškotkov.
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  • With the tool »Export data into the file« the basic company data are exported, so the user can use them for the creation of his/her own database and for direct marketing. In contrast to PIRS on CD-Rom, this novelty is upgraded with export of the Internet address of an individual subject. This address provides the user with the possibility of obtaining the latest data in the Company Identity Card in Pirs-on-line only by clicking the company's name in the file.

  • With »Data Export to Garmin« the user can transfer the data to the navigation device Garmin to find the selected companies.

  • »Send the inquiry« is a form for sending inquiries to the selected companies. These inquiries can also be published in Pirs-on-line by authorized company administrators.

  • »Send electronic message« is a form for sending e-mail messages to 100 companies at the same time with the possibility of adding an attachment.

  • »My selection« provides the possibility of saving companies to one’s own selection for later use.

  • »The analytical display of the results« on the left side of the list of the selected companies enables the user to find the company with particular product, service or activity (even if the search is too general). At the same time it regionally defines the area, where the user wishes to find the companies.

  • PIRS and Europe is a collection of important business information that facilitates business operations in different European countries

  • Slovenska knjiga d.o.o. upgraded the written consent for publishing, gained for the majority of electronic addresses into a »prior consent for sending an electronic message«. With the signature of an authorized person in the company, Slovenska knjiga gained the exclusive permission for the Pirs users to use the company’s electronic mail address for their first commercial message intended for direct marketing. The signatory of the permission agrees that such message does not represent unsolicited communication proceeding from Article 109 of the Electronic Communication Act (ECA), Official Gazette No. 43/04, 26. 04. 2004 (page 5217). This permission acts in place of prior recipient’s consent according to the 1st paragraph of Article 109 of the above-cited Act.

In Pirs-on-line the data are daily updated. It contains:

  • more than 193 000 business subjects,

  • of which more than 87 000 are directly verified;

  • more than 54 000 electronic addresses,

  • of which 42 000 with prior consent according to Article 109 of ECA;

  • more than 29 000 web-addresses;

  • more than 93 000 telephone numbers.

The main advantages of Pirs:

  • verified information on business subjects and

  • the classification of companies by products and services within a certain activity.